“Amadeep Steel Plant, click here, is a world leader in the Steel industry. It deals in Steel pipe products, sheet metal products, tubular metal goods, sheet metal parts, stainless steel goods, hot-dip galvanized pipes, cold-dip galvanized pipes, pipe fittings and accessories, stainless steel cuttings, sheet metal fasteners and pipe seals. The products that Amadeep manufactures are renowned for their durability and heavy-duty performance. They are highly demanded worldwide.”

Steel pipes from Amadeep are available in different dimensions and diameters. These are pre-finished to suit the application requirements. From small diameter tubes to big diameters they are all available in various sizes and diameters. These products have been made by welding various constituents together through various stages of processing. Some of these products have passed all the quality tests and have been awarded with the premium quality marks.

According to the World Steel Federation (WSCF), Amadeep steel pipes are the second best quality steel product that comes from India. Indian steel pipe manufacturers are constantly upgrading themselves by improving technology. Amadeep, one of the leading manufacturers of pipes and tubes in India, has twenty-three design engineers who specialise in bending, welding, soldering, brazing and turning. There are a dedicated project management team and skilled work force to ensure the timely completion of work and to provide customers with superior quality products that meet the requirements of their customers.

Since 1984, the Amadeep steel centre has been dealing with customers worldwide in the manufacture of pre-fabricated steel products. The company offers pipes and tubes that are pre-planned and pre-manufactured in various sizes and diameters and can be tailored for different customer requirements. It offers a full range of products, designed and produced by the world’s best designers. Since its establishment in 1984, the company has won numerous awards for quality products that meet or exceed the customers’ expectations.

With the establishment of the Amadeep steel plant in India, now Indian companies can also gain the advantage of the global market. The quality of Indian manufactured pipes and tubes is unmatched in the market. Since this Indian facility is located in the foothills of the Western Ghats, it has access to raw material at its most economical price. With the continuous growth story of Amadeep, Indian registered businesses can rely on this leading industry as well.

During the past decades, India has been utilizing advanced technology and Process Equipment to provide various services such as drilling, pumping, pipefitting, etc. For all these processes, raw materials have always been an integral part. Amongst all the raw materials, steel has been the primary requirement of the industry. This leads to the need for the company to constantly expand its infrastructure so as to meet the demands of the demand of the raw materials. However, the expansion of the amardeep steel centre in India helps the company to gain access to quality products at the most cost effective price.

The Indian market is rapidly growing due to the advancement in different sectors. The services that are offered here can easily satisfy the requirements of the global clients. Since we are not much dependent on other countries for the raw materials, we are in a position to set up a good relationship with the international clients and cater to their industrial requirements efficiently. The recent addition of a fourth plant to the amardeep steel centre in India can further contribute to the growth story of the company.

The advanced technology and state-of-the-art machines help us to offer a variety of products to the clients in a more convenient way. Since 1984, we have been providing complete process equipment to the industry, including welding, cutting, bending, punching, grinding and many other related services. Moreover, our experienced engineers offer quality service to the clients so that they can easily make use of our services to make their business better. In short, we are serving our clients with an aim to enhance the profitability in their businesses. Thus, we are establishing an authentic presence in the Indian market, which can be further extended with more efficient process equipment and infrastructure.