butcher blockA butcher block was initially designed for use in meat markets and butcher shops but currently has made its way into many homes. They are used for several purposes such as decorations, tables, preparation of food and as storage shelves. Below are tips that will guide you on how to own and effectively use one.

The block is mainly used as a chopping block. It is durable and handles the function very well as opposed to the other types of surfaces which get damaged easily during chopping. This is because they are made from unfinished wood rather than processed lumber. Users can therefore have it easier chopping without damaging the chopping surface.

It is a valuable tool that can be used to chop vegetables or meat in the kitchen. It is time saving since pulling out a tiny chopping board each time you need to make dinner is time consuming. Furthermore, you can easily misplace it at times making it even harder. A butcher block provides the user with a large counter-top area for preparation of food. You will therefore not have to battle through your kitchen displacing some of the items in order to create space for your small chopping board.

Blocks that stick food should be prepared in advance in order to avoid this behavior. The preparation process involves good seasoning by warming some vegetable oil and pouring it on the clean block before spreading it evenly. The oil should be allowed to dry for about 45 minutes without interruption before being used. Non-stick surfaces will provide you with an easier time when chopping.

One of the major concerns with butcher blocks is how to clean them. The block has to be cleaned by hand since they can’t be stuck into the sink and dishwasher. Washing is important since raw materials leave around germs and bacteria that keep thriving if not washed off. To completely keep off the germs, the block should be cleaned with a spray solution containing bleach and water in the ratio of 1:9. After spraying the block, it should be wiped using a clean towel.

Avoid getting too much water on the block while using it. Since they are made from wood, they are capable of holding water for a longer period of time which is responsible for splitting or damage after some time. Liquids should therefore be kept away from it and whenever some water drops on them, they should be cleaned immediately with a towel. You should also avoid cutting the surface at the same point each time while chopping since this can affect the continuity of the surface. The butcher block can be refinished by sanding the surface with grit or less abrasive sandpaper. This will help in the removal of stains and areas damaged by the knife during usage.

Owning a Southwest home style butcher block is advantageous since you can use them for more purpose than they are intended for. Despite being the perfect tool for chopping meat, it is considered to be a highly-decorative device that can spark up a conversation when you have visitors. You will never realize the benefits of owning a butcher block until you have one in your home.